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  • Are you in pain?

  • Are you tired and overwhelmed?
  • Are you frustrated about the lack of answers to explain why you feel like you do?

I understand. I have been there. And I have figured out simple, easy solutions and answers for your health, body, and lifestyle.

Today we are dealing with 5 major issues that feed disease: addictions (including food), allergens, stress (including emotions and trauma), toxins, and imbalanced microbes. The majority of this can be addressed by how we feed our bodies.

I know you are searching for ways to increase your energy, think more clearly, lose extra weight, and improve your performance, let’s make it happen using functional Nutritional Therapy, plant-focused Keto, low carb Paleo, and GAPS.

You are in the right place at the right time. There is a major paradigm shift underway that is changing the way we approach food and how it affects chronic disease. The momentum is underway and you can jump on in!

Hi, I’m Vonni. I am a true believer that food is our medicine and I’ve witnessed how disease can be prevented and reversed when the body is given the nutrients it needs. We can not solely rely on modern medicine to heal us, we need to look deeper. I successfully healed myself from 4 major health issues including Rheumatoid Arthritis, PreDiabetes (Insulin Resistance), and Hypothyroidism. I’m passionate about helping you get your life back, so you can experience more energy, happiness, and confidence!

Here on my site we are talking about emotional eating, food allergies/ intolerances, blood sugar imbalances, leaky gut, imbalanced gut microbes, trauma, and how each may feed your chronic disease states. I want you to imagine a life free of food cravings, bursting with energy, full of mental clarity and focus, and one built on commitment to yourself. A life where you don’t get sick as often, feel confident in your body, and you are not thinking about food all the time.

Take a look around my site and I’ll show you that many of your symptoms are not just a part of normal life and that change does not have to be hard, emotional, or uncomfortable. Your headaches, extra weight, fatigue, joint pain, unstable moods, brain fog, memory loss, digestive distress, acne/skin problems can all disappear with a little extra effort from you.

All I need from you is a Desire to Change, a Willingness to Look Closely, and a Commitment to Yourself.

So what do you say we put a little energy, clarity, and freedom back into your life? Allow me to create a personalized nutrition plan and a new relationship with food that sails you into the next part of your life.

Thank you for visiting —Vonni Tomlinson

P.s. Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live in

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Esther Smith

I have worked with Vonni for several years and have always appreciated her consistency, attentiveness and incredibly skilled bodywork.  As a PT, I frequently send clients to Vonni for bodywork to address injury and imbalances. Vonni takes the time to listen and assess, which help to make sessions with her effective, therapeutic and individualized. Over the … Continue Reading

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