November 23, 2017

I have had so much fun learning from Vonni.  Her passion for health and nutrition are contagious.  After consulting with Vonni on nutrition, I shifted some things in my diet and had great results.  It is easy for me to go from meal to meal without hunger, my love handles disappeared, and my energy increased.  Revolutionary I’d say!  I also really enjoyed the muscle testing and all the wisdom that I gained from this experience.  After learning that my adrenals were overworking, I put a concentrated effort toward deeper relaxation that has me feeling more at peace than ever.  Every time I am around Vonni I learn something new and find myself yearning to know more.  

For anyone who wants to be healthier, understand their body, improve digestion, and have more energy,  I highly recommend working with Vonni as she will offer a program specifically for you.