November 23, 2017

I’ve actually known Vonni and her family for many years (maybe 15?!?), and have always been in awe of the foods she made. Whether it was “solely adult” food made before either of us had kids, or “kid meals” made when our families were together, I was always impressed with how delicious, healthy, creative and fun (especially some of the things she made for the kids) were. I remember years ago asking where she’d gotten the recipe for something delicious she’d made, and her saying it was a dish she’d just thrown together herself, which was the way she did most of her cooking. As long as I’ve known her, her passion for and knowledge about food and nutrition has been obvious, and throughout the years I’ve often sought her opinion on different food or nutrition-related questions I had, to which she always gave what I felt like was great advice or information. Then, about 18 months ago, my life got a bit upended out of the blue and I was thrown into a really sad, stressful, and permanent life change. Circumstances being what they were, there was nothing I could do to change or end the stress. One day when catching up with Vonni she said “maybe we should do some nutritional therapy with you, to at least optimize your nutrition. It might help tip the scales enough to give you more resilience while going through this transition and adjusting to your new normal”. I wasn’t really skeptical, but being a fairly healthy eater already I did wonder how much difference it could make when going through such a huge life change. I by no means had a perfect diet, but did base my diet around eating more “whole” or “real-seeming” foods as opposed to a lot of processed or manufactured food. And working as a nurse and knowing from that what a typical American diet is, I knew I ate MUCH healthier than most people. But knowing there was definitely room for improvement, and since it sounded kind of fun, I jumped at the opportunity. I really enjoyed the sessions I did with Vonni and loved all of the recommendations she gave me. I’m so amazed with her knowledge, passion and years of experience related to health and nutrition. Many of the changes I made based on Vonni’s recommendations I without a doubt know have helped me feel healthier. Looking back on how I’ve weathered the last 18 months, I am really impressed with how well I’ve survived it, and know that the nutritional and lifestyle changes I made based on Vonni’s recommendations have definitely helped. Thanks Vonni!!