Do you believe it’s too expensive to eat healthy?

If so, let me show you that eating healthy is very affordable and not an excuse to hold you back.

Let’s look at it closely:

How much money do you spend buying foods that are packaged such as cereals, chips, crackers, pretzels, breads, bagels, oatmeal, cookies, and muffins?

What about bottled foods like salad dressing, ketchup, salsa, dips, mayonnaise, marinades, and other sauces?

How about packaged meats and cheeses like hotdogs, sandwich meat, shredded cheese, sliced cheeses, processed cheese, precooked meals, and frozen dinners?

And lastly what do you spend on latte’s, mochas, energy drinks, beer, soda’s vitamin waters, and other drinks and quick snacks at the convenience store?

Take the next two-three weeks keeping track of every penny you spend on food, including eating out, quick stops, grocery shopping, coffee, and online orders.  You will surprise yourself.

Imagine you stopped buying all that processed and nutrient void food and replaced it all with nutrient dense, whole foods such as on my paleo  shopping list.  You would save a lot of money!

Buying healthy food is quicker, simpler, and just as affordable as what you are doing now.

1.You don’t have to bother reading labels, leave your reading glasses at home.

2.You don’t have to walk all the grocery store aisles.

3.You can forget your shopping list and still survive once you know your new staple items.

4.You don’t have to follow exuberant recipes with tons of unusual ingredients.

5.You get to spend less time at the store.  This is a real bonus.

Here are some tips to make shopping healthy even easier:

  • Have a go to list with all the healthy staples you use each week.  Make a note of which store or where online they are the least expensive.
  • Buy more than you need so you don’t have to go back so soon. Some places will give you a discount for buying in bulk.
  • Cut and freeze extra vegetables before they go bad so you have more on hand and don’t waste any.
  • Buy some frozen vegetables and meats so you are never without a healthy option.  You can save here by stocking up on sale items.
  • Get comfortable with a few simple and delicious recipes that you make over and over again.  This will save you a lot of time cooking and save you money shopping.
  • Do a test run and change the way you currently shop for one month.  Don’t buy anything processed, avoid eating on the go, forego your daily latte, and fill your shopping cart up with real food. This experiment will not only surprise your wallet but it will give you more energy and do wonders for your health.