Could Intermittent Fasting Be the Missing Link to Your Health?

Could Intermittent Fasting be the missing link to your health goals? Introduction When it comes to losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving our overall health so that we can feel our best, our diet is the first thing we work at changing.  And rightfully so. Our diet is what provides us with the nutrients our bodies need [...]

Holiday Survival Guide – 10 Simple Practices for Thriving Through the Holidays

Holiday Survival Guide 10 Simple Practices for Thriving Through the Holidays The holiday season is my family’s favorite time of year! With three young kids, you can bet we have a lot of baking and decorating going on in our house. For many of you, however, this time of year can be the most difficult to eat healthy as [...]

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Social Connection: A Key to Our Health

Is our world slowly becoming a lonelier place? I’ve been thinking so much about social media, phones, the internet, and all the screen time that has quickly moved into our lives. We have seen so much change so fast, it’s not only our kids that are turning to screens but it’s us too and they are watching what we [...]

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Is your blood sugar balanced?

What exactly happens inside of you when you eat that big or even small dessert? Did you know that when you eat carbohydrates in any form, whether it’s refined sugar, processed foods, grains, natural sweeteners, or even fruits and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and cassava your body turns it into sugar? It’s true!  All carbohydrates, [...]

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Signs You Need A Detox

Signs You Need a Detox + a Daily Gut Rejuvenator The idea of detoxing is all around us. Every health clinic, health magazine, health blog, and even social media is talking about why you need to detox and cleanse your body. They all tell you different ways to do it too. There are juice cleanses, gall bladder cleanses, fasts, [...]

The Power of Sleep

The Power of Sleep - It is as Important as Good Food! If you knew how much your sleep was affecting your health would you sleep more? What kind of priority does sleep play in your life?How important is sleep? What are the real risks of not getting enough sleep? What are the true benefits of quality sleep?How do you [...]

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