About Me

Hi! I’m Vonni.  I’ve been through the wringer with my health and today I want to shout solutions from the rooftops to help you get your life back, too!

I spent most of my life with

  • Low energy

  • Extra weight

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Digestive discomfort (gas, bloating belching and reflux)

  • Brain Fog

  • Unstable moods

  • Food cravings

  • Headaches

  • And an autoimmune disease

Here’s where I am now (and where you could be too)

  • I lost 25 pounds

  • No more Headaches

  • My body is Fat Adapted

  • No more Cravings

  • I am Fully Energized

  • I have Glowing Radiant skin

  • No more Brain Fog

  • No more Energy Dips between meals

  • My mental clarity is amazing

  • I know what to eat to promote my health

My own journey to health has not only shaped my personal life  but fuels my professional passion. I’m on a mission to help people understand how everything they eat affects how they feel mentally and physically.  I have an active Nutritional Therapy and Deep Tissue Bodywork practice in Salt Lake City where I get to fulfill that mission everyday!

If you are tired of dealing, Rest assured! I’ve been there and know how to help you get your life back.

I want to support you in turning your health around so you can experience your full potential, feel liberated, and have the energy to do what you love. I can show you how to lose fat, experience more happiness and confidence, love your body, and stop thinking about food all the time.  No more nutrient-deprived, life-sucking lifestyles! No more limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging!


My philosophy is based on:

  • Healing chronic disease with nourishing, nutrient dense whole foods and the proper supplements.

  • Eliminating food intolerances.

  • Healing the gut.

  • Detoxing with bodywork.

  • Increasing immunity.

  • And dissolving resistance.

You get to choose which direction your health will go; every bite you take either promotes health or feeds disease.

We can start today, at home in our kitchens, changing our relationship with food.  The truth is nobody else is going to fix us; we cannot wait for modern medicine to heal us.

Health is a relationship between you and your body!

Through most of my life, my health was going the wrong way. I struggled with emotional eating, carbohydrate dependency, difficulty concentrating, and low confidence.  I suffered from severe brain fog, chronic headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, multiple food sensitivities, adult acne, and tons of moodiness.

In me, these symptoms stemmed from chronic inflammation, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, hypothyroid, high blood pressure, colitis, and two autoimmune diseases.

Today I feel liberated! I am not held hostage by cravings, and I no longer sabotage myself. I’ve lost 20-25 pounds, and my inflammation markers and blood sugar values are all within normal range. I have tons of energy… just by changing the way I feed my body.

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The rest of my story

As a four year-old child, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was put on steroids and NSAIDS to manage my inflammation, which upset my stomach and started damaging my stomach lining.  All through my adolescent years, I suffered from digestive distress, pain, bloating, belching, gas and chronic diarrhea.  I was always tired, lacked confidence, and was very shy.

I grew up eating what we considered a “healthy” version of the Standard American Diet (yes, it is SAD).  Along with our vegetables and meats, we filled ourselves with cereals, bread, crackers, chips, processed dips and dressings, pastas, pancakes, nonfat milk, ice cream, candy, and desserts.  We actually baked with Crisco and otherwise followed a very low fat diet.  This was the beginning of my emotional connection with food.

In high school, I was one of those kids that looked really healthy; tan skin, strong build, good grades. However, I was constantly bloated and tired I suffered from headaches, joint pain, and was extremely shy and withdrawn.  At that time, I knew that I was lactose intolerant.  What I didn’t know was that I was completely dependent on carbohydrates to get through every day. The consequences were  digestive distress, depression, anxiety, and severe food cravings.

When I moved away from home I became afraid of food and did not know what to eat.  I  got caught up in the low-fat craze and subsisted on non-fat carbohydrates during my college years. This led to constant sabotaging myself with food. Even though I was a varsity athlete, I weighed 20-25 pounds more than I do now and struggled with my confidence and self-esteem.

I know how hard it can be!

It was during these college years that my distrust in modern medicine began.  My dear sister, one year older than I, was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  My sister and I were inseparable, and as I continued on in my own life I felt defeated by our modern medical paradigm.

I knew deep in my soul that she was quickly being led down the absolute wrong path. The medications started giving her extreme side effects while doing little to alleviate her symptoms. What alarmed me the most was that nothing was being done to determine the root causes of her new diagnosis.  I felt helpless and at the time I was helpless while in the midst of dealing with my own chronic ailments.

I made it one of my life long goals to help her heal and figure out the real causes of her symptoms.  This was the beginning of my passion to discover ways to help people with their health.

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My own turning point came much later after one of my pregnancies when I had another severe bout of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Along with this came additional chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, and brain fog.

My blood tests showed I was sensitive to almost everything I was eating, and several of my inflammatory markers were in the danger zone.  I tested positive for hypothyroid, reverse T3 syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, other Autoimmune Antibodies, and my high blood sugar indicated that my pancreas was not producing enough insulin. I was beyond insulin resistance and heading towards Type II diabetes! My doctor said my inflammatory markers showed my arterial walls were being attacked (a sign of arteritis), and I was at high risk for a heart attack within 6 months!

Hitting rock bottom was one of the best things that happened to me. I know what it’s like to be there!

Wait a minute… I thought I was “healthy”! To everyone around me, I LOOKED really healthy. I have always been an athlete. I’m considered an outdoor enthusiast.  I ski, mountain bike, hike, run, swim, climb, have an organic garden, love cooking and baking, and never considered myself overweight.

However, my blood work told me I was a mess and caused me to stop in my tracks. I realized that if I wanted to truly heal (and not simply just mask the symptoms), I had to  completely change the direction of my path.  I had to find the real causes of disease I made it a goal to figure out which of my systems was out of balance, what was creating the disturbance, and what I could change immediately. I learned that restoring health first starts by changing habits.

Fortunately, I realized that foods we like to eat may not be the foods we should eat to achieve pure health.

I stopped eating the foods I was most intolerant to.  Eggs were first; unfortunately they were at the top of my sensitivity list (comical given we have 8 chickens!).  Three days after I quit eating eggs, my chronic headaches and migraines disappeared completely.  This was transformational for me.

Next I eliminated gluten, dairy, and several other foods I was intolerant towards.  As a result my brain fog vanished and my joints stopped aching.  I started healing my gut lining and filling myself with the nutrients I was missing.

My blood work was proof of my healing, and most of my numbers were returning to normal ranges (all without modern medications).

Finally I released my emotional and physical grip on carbohydrates and sugars; by far my biggest challenge.

By this time I was eating a paleo/grain free diet, but my body still relied on carbohydrates to get through the day.  I learned one could be eating a super healthy diet and still be carbohydrate dependent.

The key to overcoming carbohydrate dependency was to  finally get over my fear of fat! Once I got fat adapted and began fueling my cells with healthy fats for energy, everything shifted for me. My energy tripled, my blood sugar balanced as my pancreas kicked back in and started producing insulin, and I have been able to manage my autoimmune antibodies without symptoms.  It was during this time that I went from a size 10 to a size 4, losing 25 pounds effortlessly.

Here’s where I am now (and where you could be too)

  • I lost 25 pounds

  • No more Headaches

  • My body is Fat Adapted

  • No more Cravings

  • I am Fully Energized

  • I have Glowing Radiant skin

  • No more Brain Fog

  • No more Energy Dips between meals

  • My mental clarity is amazing

  • I know what to eat to promote my health

So what does my story mean for you?

My coaching and guidance comes from authentic before-and-after experience.

I have witnessed first hand the difference in my own health, and that difference is huge!  I feel like a completely different person. I don’t have cravings anymore, and I truly feel liberated from the food choices that were making me unhealthy!

I am so passionate about helping others face their resistance to change, addressing their fears around food, and guiding them towards the life they have always dreamed of.

What are you waiting for? Every bite does matter!

If you want to get your life back and start feeling amazing sign up for one of my programs.

I’d love to connect with you and discover how to best support you with your body, health, and nutrition goals.  Click here to schedule a FREE Discovery Session with me where I can answer all your questions and see which of my programs is best for you.

Now you know about my journey, do you want to know more about me personally?

I always want to know more about the people I choose to work with and confide in.  Here is a short list of the most important things in my life, how I spend my time and some of the favorite things I do.

I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”–Voltaire

I love baking.  This is actually what fueled my carbohydrate addiction for years.  Even when I learned more and began baking everything gluten-free and then grain- free,  I didn’t realize I was feeding my sugar habit.

I started baking when I was 10 (with Crisco of all things) and landed a baking job at a ski resort in Utah in my early 20’s.  It was perfect; I could bake all morning and ski all day!

I love cooking.  I’ve transferred my love of baking into a passion for creating recipes of all kinds.  I never follow recipes and am now documenting my own so that I can share them with you.  I make amazing grain-free meals and want to publish my own cookbook.

When I was 24 I was in a horrific car accident that changed my life.  I had a near-death experience that allowed me to see life in a completely new way.  After being alone and unconscious for 45 minutes, I was discovered and life-flighted to the nearest hospital.  I had shattered the second vertebrae in my neck (the hangman’s fracture) and almost lost my left leg.  It was a miracle that I was not paralyzed and even more that I was alive.

After I finished college at UC Berkeley, I hiked for 7 weeks straight on the Pacific Crest Trail.   I hiked from Northern California to just outside of Seattle. This gave me some much needed quiet time to reflect and decide what direction to go next.

I have three beautiful children (all born in the comfort of my own home) that I learn from constantly.  I’m proud to say that they are some of the healthiest children I know.This fuels another passion of mine, which is to help parents learn how and what to feed their children.  I have seen time and time again how food affects children’s behaviors, learning abilities, energy, focus, and digestion. It is so cool how fast they can heal and change with small dietary modifications.

I married the most amazing man in 2005.  He is a total mountain man; passionate about backcountry skiing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, biking, running fast on trails, and cooking good food. He will regularly get up at 4:30, so he can go play in the mountains before working all day.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life; he is completely supportive of all my dreams.  He gets me outside to play all the time. He listens, cares, and is the most incredible dad to our children.

My favorite foods are broccoli, cabbage, salmon, avocados, coconut butter, cashew butter, and chocolate.  I am a huge fan of Bulletproof Coffee.

I love moving my body.  I ski, hike, mountain bike, rock climb, run, swim, do yoga, do Pilates, garden, and play tag with my children.  I love the desert, the mountains, and the ocean.

I want everyone I work with to experience freedom in their bodies!