Pure Keto Reset Program
A plant-rich Ketogenic lifestyle education

This is a 6 week program is designed with a 30 day metabolic reset to safely train your body how to burn both dietary fat and stored body fat for its primary fuel source. It can take just 30 days to shift your metabolism and become fat/Keto-adapted. You can expect to feel consistent energy all day, boost your performance, release your cravings for carbohydrates, improve your focus and clarity, and triple your energy all without being hungry.

Whether you are ready to shed those stubborn 10-25 pounds, gain control of your diet, give your kitchen and body an overhaul, or create a more energetic and focused life this experience is for you.

I believe everyone can benefit from a low carbohydrate diet that is free of processed foods, “bad” fats, and one that is filled with vegetables. That’s why I’ve created the Pure Keto Reset to be a plant-rich Keto program that any one can do.

Most people have no idea how amazing their body is designed to feel.
-Mark Twain

The Pure Keto Reset experience is about training your body how to burn fat in the form of ketones and fatty acids (instead of glucose) for its main fuel source so that you can live your most optimal life. There is a huge focus on food quality and plant foods which differs from many typical Ketogenic programs out there. You will be guided through the fat/Keto-adaptation period with a diet high in nutrient dense foods along with supplemental support to quicken your metabolic transition, release your dependency for carbohydrates, balance your blood sugar, and improve your digestion.

You will get my private one-on-one support and experience as you begin this health transformation to ease yourself into this long-term metabolic shift avoiding the common mistakes. You will still be held accountable for your personal objectives without the hassle of group commitments and pressures so that you can go at your own comfortable pace. Bonus: you will begin to lose weight effortlessly.

Many Bonuses Included plus 2 Free Weeks-making this 30 day metabolic reset a 6 full weeks of personalized support and plant-focused Keto education. I want to make sure you really get this Keto thing right!!

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Our Health is much more dependent on our lasting habits and nutrition than on any short term diets or medicines. Keto is a lifestyle not a diet! I’m going to teach you the skills to keep this up long term. This experience is perfect for you if you:

  • Cannot skip a meal without getting anxious, irritable, stressed

  • Snack throughout the day to keep your energy up

  • Have tried many diets and have not found one that works

  • Are becoming forgetful or have trouble concentrating

  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

  • Have hypo/hyperglycemia-blood sugar instability

  • Notice a decrease in physical performance

  • Want to lose weight

  • Have a fear of fat and don’t know how to start

In our 6 weeks together you will gain access to shopping lists, pantry guides, tailored weekly menu plans, cooking tips, and recipes, making this experience as easy as possible for you.

You will get weekly quizzes and tracking forms to document your progress plus,

  • A blood sugar and ketone testing guide so you know how your food affects you physiologically

  • A special food tracking system to learn your unique carbohydrate threshold

  • An ‘Are you ready for keto’ quiz to ensure your body is properly prepared for the lasting metabolic shift

You’ll also have access to an exclusive plant-focused Keto Supplemental Support Guide, the Pure Keto Approved on-the-go Snack List, a weekly self-assessment and goal setting guide to support your target reset and make sure you are progressing properly.

We will have 4 30-minute calls during the 30 day metabolic reset and unlimited email support to lead you through each step of your Pure Keto Reset Program, paying special attention to addressing your unique underlying health issues. As a bonus, I will create a Personal Macronutrient Guide for you discerning the specific ratios that support you with your body’s goals. Forget about counting calories!

All for less than $65 a week! Remember you get 6 weeks of PURE Keto

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How will you feel after the Pure Keto Reset?

By resetting your metabolism and recharging your brain function you can expect to lose weight, start burning fat for energy, think more clearly, lose your urge for snacking, become happier, improve your memory and performance, up regulate your immune system, and have sustained energy throughout the day. Now who doesn’t want all this?  All it takes from you is willingness, desire, and commitment.


Your commitment to the 30-Day Pure Keto Reset will support you in eliminating:

  • Brain Fog

  • Fatigue

  • Blood Sugar Imbalances

  • Sugar Detox Symptoms

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Digestive Distress (bloating, gas, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, pain)

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Weight management issues

  • Acne

  • PMS

  • Forgetfulness

  • Mood swings

  • Headaches

  • Apathy/Lethargy

  • Chronic Pain

Here’s what we will do in each of our weeks together, click on each week to see the details:

-Explore your current diet and learn how to fill your plate with help from the Pure Keto Plate resource

-Identify your health goals and top priorities

-Assess your current carbohydrate tolerance and discover just how dependent on carbs you may be

-Clean out your pantry with help from the Pantry Clean Out Guide

-Stop counting calories and learn the #1 thing to avoid for success in your Pure Keto Reset.

-Receive the Pure Keto Reset Supplemental Support Guide for the best ideas to support your tradition to Keto.

-Take the toxicity quiz to help determine your starting point

-Restock your kitchen with help from Pure Keto Reset Food Guide and Approved Snack List

-Understand how stress affects blood sugar, insulin, and stops fat burning.

-Learn how stress affects insulin and how to manage your own stress.

-Explore emotional eating and how recognize it, catch it, and let it go.

-Get 12 amazing tips for dealing with constant cravings

-Take the “Are you ready for Keto” quiz to help determine your metabolic state and macronutrient ratios.

-Keto Flu: Symptoms and Solutions- what is it and how we avoid it.

-Recieve your weekly plant-based Ketogenic Meal Plan.

-Take the weekly Self-Assessment and Lifestyle Quiz.

-Explore your own stress with the Pure Health Transitions Stress Management Tips.

-Learn the what’s, why’s, and how’s of Exercise with a Ketogenic diet.

-Dietary Fine-Tuning; -Discover how many carbohydrates work specifically for you.

-Understand and practice Intermittent Fasting and Condensed Eating Windows

-Take the weekly Self-Assessment and Lifestyle Quiz

-Burst training Bonus-discover how to get in your exercise and balance your hormones on your busiest days.

-Revisit cravings and emotional eating so you can nip these things in the behind.

-Receive your weekly plant-based Ketogenic Meal Plan including intermittent fasting and proper meal spacing.

-Get 10 top tips for increasing fat-burning and discover ways to get into ketosis more quickly.

-Get a sneak peak into the Pure Keto Athlete 21-day program for those ready to become efficient  at fat burning during exercise.

-Learn more than you can imagine about Keto and hormone balance.

-Ultra Dietary Fine-Tuning; improve your level of Keto/fat adaptation even further.

-Learn how much sleep can affect Keto and your ability to burn fat.

-How do you get a good nights sleep: Pure Health Transitions-Sleep Strategies

-Receive your weekly plant-based Ketogenic Meal Plan with Intermittent fasting and proper meal spacing.

-Take the weekly Self-Assessment and Lifestyle Quiz.

-Recalibrate your palate and learn which sweeteners are acceptable for your health goals.

-Celebrate the commitment you’ve made to yourself! Get bonus low glycemic Keto dessert recipes.

BONUSES: You get 2 full bonus weeks in the Pure Keto Reset!

1st Bonus Week– Before you Start: We make sure we fully understand your current health issues, blood sugar imbalances, digestive complaints, and that you know both how to test for both blood glucose and ketones right away.

2nd Bonus Week– Post Program and Beyond: What’s next for you?

You will not be left hanging in mid-air after your commitment. Let’s revisit your 30-Day Pure Keto Reset Goals to determine the steps you can take to continue improving your brain function, keep burning fat, increase your daily performance, and have plenty of sustained energy.

We will design a definitive plan integrating your specific health challenges that you can follow to ensure all the beneficial changes are incorporated into your everyday life. You will learn about opportunities to dive more deeply into other areas of your health and how to continue on your healing journey.


3 Full Week plant-focused Ketogenic Meal Plans

Pure Health Transitions Ebook- Dining Out and Traveling on Keto

Pure Keto Reset Troubleshooting- If you are feeling stuck

Introduction to Carb Cycling plus a Carb Cycling Example Day

Pure Keto Reset Dessert ideas that fit within your individual macros

Ready to register for this life-changing reset?

Still unsure if you want to dive into this Keto thing? Here are even more benefits people going through this program experience:

  • An increase in healing time from an upgraded immune system.

  • Better sleep patterns, fall asleep easily and stay asleep.

  • Less stress and more ability to handle stress.

  • Improved hormone balance, less PMS and less moodiness.

  • Healthier blood sugar levels, more consistent energy.

  • Improved blood pressure readings, leave that racing pulse at the door.

  • Decreased inflammatory markers, less overall pain and more clarity.

  • And a slowing down of the aging process, finally smooth and radiant skin.

I only have space for 4 people each month so please sign up fast to be one of these lucky 4!

Total Program Value: $1000

Your Investment: Only $375 ($125 off the initial price!!)

Let’s talk if you have questions. Sign up for a FREE Discovery Session here

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