Spend the next 28-days renewing your health, improving your ability to clear toxins, fine-tuning your diet, healing your gut, and get set up on a new plan to sleep better, think better, feel more joy, and live a detox lifestyle that is your most powerful and energetic way of life.

The next 28-days will be entirely devoted improving your ability to detoxify and break down and eliminate toxins. There is no question that we are all exposed to an incredible array of toxins every day-our home, our food, our workplace, our environment-all this contributes to a toxic load that slows us down and is difficult to clear.

In the Sweet Release Detox we will first consider your current diet, lifestyle patterns and health symptoms, then determine unknown food sensitivities and encourage lymph, kidney, and liver drainage to boost your body’s detox processes and start healing your specific health challenges.

This is an integrative detox that will ensure toxins are eliminated from, not recirculated into, your body. By starting with a gentle homeopathic approach we can avoid many of the detox reactions associated with some ‘too quick’ detoxifying methods. There is a 21 day deep cleanse in the program core which is determined by your specific needs.  The Sweet Release not only improves detoxification and eliminates toxins, the regeneration of the gut lining is also a top priority.

Give your body this gift and increase energy, reset your metabolism, boost your ability to burn fat, decrease pain and inflammation, and improve your brain function.

Toxicity occurs from two sources, internal and external. External toxicity results from environmental exposures, while internal toxicity results from metabolic wastes from the body’s biochemical processes.  To achieve the best results it is vital to address the health of the gut lining and the gut micro biome as well as address lifestyle factors and support organ function.  often many of us don’t know how badly we feel until we start feeling better.

Imagine a diet that is exclusively built for you, a diet unique to your health needs, that will help you increase your energy and ability to focus, help you shift into fat burning mode, keep you feeling and looking young longer, and keep your hormones balanced as you age. During the next 28-days you will explore all the areas of your life and finally let go of the parts that are holding you back.

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health” –Voltaire

What are some signs you could use a detox? Many of the symptoms that we don’t usually associate with a toxic body are really clues to a toxic decline in our health.  Chronic aches and pains, allergies, headaches, brain fog, trouble losing weight, weight gain, low energy, blood sugar imbalances, constipation, chemical sensitivity, and autoimmunity can all point to a toxic load and the inability to move toxins through our bodies efficiently.

In our 28-days together we will

  • Look closely at your current diet and how it may be affecting you,
  • Support your body’s detox processes through a 21 day deep cleanse
  • Discover what unknown foods may be doing you more harm than good
  • Encourage toxin elimination with a deeper cleanse in the program core
  • Address lifestyle practices that support detox and lower the daily toxic load
  • Learn detoxifying methods to increase your circulation, promote more energy, focus, and further encourage toxin clearing
  • Increase lymphatic flow to encourage the release of toxins and boost fat burning and fat loss
  • Open the detox pathways in your body that increase its ability  clear metabolic waste and deliver nutrients
  • Establish a healthy gut barrier and regenerate the microbiome
  • Determine a specific Supplement protocol for unique to your health requirements
  • And receive many delicious detoxifying recipes along the way

Here’s some of what you can expect in the Sweet Release 28-Day Detox:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment: Through an in-depth health questionnaire and a 1 on 1 consultation we will discover the root causes of your unique health challenges and see which systems of your body need the most focus. From here we will establish your top health goals and create an individualized detox plan specific to your body needs.

  • Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing: You will learn how to test for foods sensitivities and intolerances at home to determine which foods may be causing inflammation, leaky gut, digestive distress, brain fog, mood imbalances, chronic pain and fatigue, headaches, and more. You also have the option to take an at home food sensitivity laboratory test which looks at your reaction to 132 different foods.

  • Eating a healthy cleansing diet for 28-days: Your diet will consist of whole foods rich in enzymes, anti-inflammatory foods, with a complete elimination of the top allergens, all processed foods, and sweeteners. Foods that inherently promote detox are encouraged. You will receive meal plans, recipes, foods lists, and additional supplement recommendations during the next 28-days to keep you in alignment with your goals, create confidence and ease with meal prep, increase your stash of quick go-to recipes and snack ideas, all so you can simplify eating health for the longterm.

  • Detoxifying therapies: You will learn new ways to get your lymph system moving encouraging a continuous detox throughout your body. Our lymph system does not have a pump like our heart pumps blood. The lymph must be moved physically through exercise and use of  lymph drainage techniques other wise it tends to get backed up, be sluggish, and inflammation and toxicity levels increase.

  • 1 on 1 support calls: We will meet 3 times during the 28-day detox over the phone to ensure you are on track, keep you accountable, and answer all of your questions. You can expect to learn more about detoxing in each of these calls and will receive a new weekly packet of information prior to each one.

  • Food Reintroduction phase: Part of a food elimination diet is knowing how and when to introduce the right ones back into your diet. Part of this program is to make sure you know the signs to look for when performing a food-reintroduction challenge.  Symptoms can be physical, mental, or emotional, and may not always be obvious digestive reactions. Common sensitivity symptoms are gas, bloating, heartburn, stomach pain, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, and fatigue.  Certain immune reactions are less obvious and can lead to inflammation and chronic disease.

  • Supplement Protocol for the 28-day Detox: You will be taking supplemental support to improve your body’s capacity to break down and clear toxins through the major detoxification organs- the liver, kidneys, lymph, and skin. The program begins with a gentle homeopathic detox followed by a 21 day deep cleanse both with a focus on gut repair as well. You will also be undertaking a whole body and lifestyle detoxification and may have additional recommended supplements to support your unique needs. Besides improving your ability to detoxify, the goal of this program is to transform your life and your health.

  • BONUS WEEK: You get a full extra week in the Sweet Release Detox making it more than a whole month of support! I’m giving you extra time to prepare at the start, clean out and restock your pantry, and get your detox kit ordered. Then after 28-amazing detoxing days I am giving you an additional BONUS Call to make sure we have a personalized nutrition plan all played out so you know exactly what to do next.

    BONUS CALL #4: We will focus on food reintroduction and lay out a bio individual plan that will give you confidence integrating all this vital information into your life so that you can reap the benefits long after you are done.

Structural Work
Structural Work
VIP Day Experience

Total program Value: $800

Your Investment: Only $450 (Includes your detox supplements!!)

(additional supplements may be recommended that add a small fee)